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Less Work, Reduced Risk, Better Outcomes

Construction has been termed “organized chaos” by many building contractors, and rightly so. Contractors are responsible for the full and complete execution of a building design. Ultimately, they are the member of the project team who carries the most risk. If the trades are late showing up to the job site or get behind schedule, if product and labor costs increase, if delivery of materials is delayed, or if work is not performed to specification, contractors pay the price.

Contractors are beginning to use technology to better organize the chaos of material deliveries and trade sequencing and scheduling, but the underlying risks are still there. Lack of properly trained tradesmen and unforeseen delays in the delivery of building products still happen with alarming frequency.

The Davati Direct Solution significantly reduces the risks for contractors by eliminating much of the tedious work of ordering and scheduling the delivery of materials and making sure their projects stay on time and on budget.

Davati benefits contractors by:


Reducing their financial and reputational risk


Keeping projects on time and on budget


Giving them better visibility, control and flexibility of materials deliveries


Helping them delivery higher quality projects


Avoiding construction delays, rework, and warranty issues